The Plaza Hotel Cookbook New York City

The Plaza Hotel Cookbook from the New York City landmark brings you its recipes to recreate in your own kitchen. Recipes like Poached Eggs on Creamed Chicken in Patty Shells, Philadelphia Pepper Pot, Grilled Scampi Fra Diavolo, and Sacher Torte dessert are some of the memorable dishes inside. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 340 pages 

Copyright: 1972 

Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Inc. 

Author: Eve Brown 

ISBN: 9780136845553

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Description: Deep in the heart of New York City there is yet a place so special it has a part in the fantasies of us all -- the secret setting of our Perfect Loves and Grandest Moments, with a lingering dazzle and romance money alone could never buy. 

The tall Renaissance Plaza, in her long association with royalty and aristocracy, "the nation's best" and famed, has never been anything but the First Lady of hotels. Presidents and writers, touring statesmen and artists in New York have always seen the Plaza as their natural home. And the parties and galas, dances and weddings held there (from Truman Capote's Masked Ball to Julie Eisenhower's reception) have always been the sort to set the imagination astir. 

Even those of us who have never seen her, have had a honeymoon or candlelight supper at the Plaza in our dreams. Perhaps the secret of the Plaza's pull upon our imagination is the elegance that has been a real and living part of her since the day she opened in 1907. 

The Plaza is style -- not the kind you can get from well-appointed decorations or setting alone -- but a constant attention to perfection -- the multitudes of little unhurried things that lift life above the ordinary. The Plaza makes us remember what things were like in a world that had time for quality. 

As you enjoy this careful selection of the best recipes from the Plaza -- pride of perhaps the world's most storied dining rooms (and learn along the way the heady details of a Grand Old Lady's past) -- we cannot promise you a quiet tall window overlooking Central Park for a long and succulent Sunday brunch. 

Or a splendid and unforgettable Saturday night in the Persian Room. Or a spicy cocktail and seafood in the Edwardian dusk of the Oak Room. We cannot even be sure you will have a hushed ramble through the impeccable surroundings that Eloise and so many other notables have been said to share. 

But we suspect, as you re-create for yourself the favorites and traditions of the millions who have loved her -- the food that has been fit for kings and princes -- as you set the table for an exquisite Plaza cream soup, add a delicate Plaza salad to a festive lunch, set a hearty Plaza specialty before your guests -- you will remember every moment you have spent there -- feel the invisible hoverings of liveried footmen and matchless waiters, "slip an invisible mink from your shoulders," and dine. 


Condition: Good condition. Dust jacket has some frays at corners and edges with small tears. 

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