The Original White House Cookbook

The Original White House Cookbook, originally published in 1887, is now available in this 1984 edition. It contains over 600 pages of recipes and cooking how-tos.


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 619 pages. 

Copyright: 1984. Third Printing 

Publisher: Devin-Adair Publishers 

Author: F. L. Gillette and Hugo Ziemann 

ISBN: 9780815964131

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Description: The White House Cookbook first appeared in 1887. The original publishers claimed without reservation that it "more fully represents the progress and present perfection of the culinary art than any previous work." The authors were Hugo Ziemann, Steward of the White House, and Mrs. F.L Gillette, clearly a 19th-century forerunner of our present day household hinters. 

The result was a book so sensible in the presentation of recipes, so delicious in practical suggestions for running an American home, and so historically fascinating in its details of Presidential repasts -- including State Dinners, Buffets for 1,000 Guests, and just dining en famille at the White House -- that it is immensely gratifying to make it available again in its original form, nearly a century after it was first published. 

The Original White House Cookbook contains recipes for such delectables as: 

  • Boston Oyster Pie 
  • Delmonico Pudding 
  • Chow-chow, piccalilli, and blueberry pickles 
  • New Jersey Cream Cheese 
  • Green Corn Fritters 
  • Rhode Island Brown Bread 
  • Tipsy Charlotte 
  • Slippery-elm Tea 

In addition, the book is a treasury of useful advice and information: 

  • How to make "family glue" 
  • Remedy for Lockjaw 
  • Growing Pains Cured 
  • How to Increase the Hair in the Brows 
  • Recipes for Grandmother's Cough Syrup, Family Spring Bitters, and Universal Liniment 
  • The Art of Dinner Giving: The Laying of the Table and the Treatment of the Guests 
  • Special Menus from the White House, including Mrs. Cleveland's Wedding Breakfast and General Grant's Birthday Dinner. 

At the beginning of the 1980s, as Americans increasingly look back to the virtues and graciousness of our past, The Original White House Cookbook is a splendid example of the eternal values embodied in a practical, industrious, creative nation. This beautiful volume will not only delight and instruct, but serve to remind all Americans of their special and unique heritage. 


Condition: Interior flap is clipped. Back flap has a crease. Further good condition. 

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