Justin Wilson Cookbook: Cajun Recipes

The Justin Wilson Cookbook was published one of the South's top Cajun chefs. Wilson was the host of several Cajun cooking shows. He remains popular today, even after his death. This cookbook contains many of his popular dishes from Chicken Jambalaya to Broiled Shrimp a La Justin. What you won't find are desserts as according to Wilson, a good Cajun meal allows no room for dessert. 


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 89 pages 

Copyright: 1985, Sixth Printing 

Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company 

Author: Justin Wilson 

ISBN: 9780882890197

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Additional Details

Description: The Justin Wilson Cook Book was first published in 1965--it was also Wilson's first cookbook. Known as a pioneer in the world of Cajun cuisines, Wilson brings humor to his book. 


Condition: Cover has some light wear at the bottom edge. Further good condition. 

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