The Jewish-Sicilian Cookbook Signed

The Jewish-Sicilian Cookbook is signed and inscribed by the author, Pamela Hensley Vincent, an actress who played in Marcus Welby MD, Buck Rogers and Matt Houston. Her cookbook combines two culinary styles to create interesting recipes that take the best of both cuisines. There are also some modern American recipes found inside. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 160 pages - Signed by Pamela Vincent 

Copyright: 2004 

Publisher: The Overlook Press 

Author: Pamela Hensley Vincent 

ISBN: 9781585674916

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Description: No matter how far from home we go, refining our palates, leaving behind family cooking for more sophisticated fare, trading up from iceberg to arugula, from meatloaf to pate, from Velveeta to brie, we all have a special place in our hearts -- and our stomachs for our families' deliciously basic home recipes. 

Born of the culinary traditions of the two very different sides of actress Pamela Hensley Vincent's Jewish-American family and her husband Duke Vincent's Italian-American background, The Jewish-Sicilian Cookbook recaptures, with charm, humor, and tasty and do-able recipes, the gastronomic nostalgia of two families very much like any of our own.The recipes in this charmingly appointed cookbook range from quick salads to hearty stews and run the gamut from typically Jewish (Yetta's Chicken Soup and Yetta's Latkes) to the quintessentially Italian (Duke's Spaghetti Marinara). Some of the recipes represent the best of traditional modern American food, such as Manny's Hamburgers and Jack's Chef Salad, radiating a special feeling of mid-century cooking and eating, with a Fifties sensibility that goes down as deliciously today as it did then. Desserts such as Yetta's Boysenberries and Cream or Jack's Broiled Grapefruit are an excellent match for any of the main courses. 

The common ground of all family food traditions is "Food is Love," and this principle is irresistibly at play as Pamela Hensley Vincent recounts heartfelt anecdotes, describing fond memories of meals with loved ones, while sharing her favorite recipes with all the enthusiasm of a close cousin presenting a cherished recipe on a much-a used recipe card. Using a style anyone into scrapbooking will love, she deftly combines cherished and delicious family recipes with photos and lore. This "cookbooking" approach to preserving memories will guide and inspire readers not only to enjoy the recipes in The Jewish-Sicilian Cookbook, but to create their own family cookbooks. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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