The Flexible Vegetarian

Wonderfully versatile and tasty recipes you can cook with or without meat and fish are the central focus of The Flexible Vegetarian cookbook. Recipes have a color photo of the prepared dish. 


Format: Hardcover, 192 pages. 

Copyright: 2017

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

Author: Jo Pratt

ISBN: 9780711239043

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Description: The Flexible Vegetarian is packed with well-balanced and tasty recipes that offer two solutions: they can be served as completely vegetarian dishes, or made with a simple meat, chicken or fish twist. Ideal if you're cutting down on meat, you're catering for a tricky family or dinner party, or you want the ingredients in your meals to be more sustainable, kinder to the planet and perhaps even cheaper and healthier.

"As the owner of a veggie restaurant for the last 27 years l have seen fads and trends come and go. Jo's book tackles every possibility in a fun, informed and tasty way. Wish I had written it." Simon Rimmer. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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