The Fish-Lovers' Cookbook

The Fish-Lovers' Cookbook is the perfect cookbook for those who love preparing seafood at home. There are more than 100 sauce recipes to boot, making this an end-to-end resource for meals focused on fish. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 427 pages 

Copyright: 1980 

Publisher: Rodale 

Author: Sheryl and Mel London 

ISBN: 9780878572991

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Description: No doubt about it -- fish has truly arrived. Whole chains of restaurants are devoted exclusively to fish, and the catch sells out fast in fish stores and at supermarket counters. Chances are that you are one of those responsible for this brilliant boom in fish cookery. Or maybe you want to be, but just don't feel sure when it comes to working with fish. Either way, this book is perfect for you. 

Are you timid about buying a whole fish at the fish store, or accepting one from generous fisherman friends, because you don't know what to do about the scales and the head in getting it ready for the pan? If you catch your own, can you fillet it with assurance? Do you wish you had a few more ideas on fish preparation in your repertoire other than broiling and frying? Sheryl and Mel London's book will instill you with confidence in all things that have to do with fish. 

To help you along, you'll have dozens of detailed step-by-step illustrations. You'll also get firsthand, fun-to-read seafood lore from interviews with the experts a lobsterman in Massachusetts, a shrimpboat fisherman from the Gulf of Mexico, a Japanese sashimi expert at a New York restaurant and many more fascinating people whose lives are closely linked to the many kinds of seafood we all enjoy. 

The section on sauces recipes for over 100 of them -- will be especially welcome to any cook looking for different ways to dress up a fish that's in big supply. Think of it -- fresh options for serving all those bluefish or bass you bring home from a good day of family fishing! 

Are you ready for new, money saving fish ideas? You'll find plenty of them in "How Can Anything That Ugly Taste That Good?" That section offers dozens of mouth-watering recipes for those much maligned underutilized beauties, including shark, squid, catfish, eel and the like, which often sell at bargain prices. 

Maybe you prefer to stick to the regulars. Are you partial to shrimp, lobster or crab? You'll find an exciting variety of recipes that show you how to make small amounts of these luxurious goodies go a long way. If your tastes run plainer, try Sheryl and Mel's fresh ideas for making perch, cod, halibut and dozens of other familiar fish. 

If you want information on handling fish, inspiration for cooking and serving it, beautiful pictures on how grand it can look plus amusing stories about all aspects of fish and fishing -- you are going to love The Fish-Lovers' Cookbook! 

Here are just a few of the temptations you'll encounter: Baked Black Sea Bass with Crab Meat Stuffing; Dilled Shrimp Mold; Italian Pasta, Lettuce, and Fish Soup; Broiled Swordfish Steaks with Orange Juice and Oregano; Lobster Pie; Halibut Casserole with Asparagus; Porgy with Saffron, Lemons, and Mint, Moroccan Style; Hot Crab Salad Baked in Whole Wheat Pita Bread; and Pan Fried Lemon Smelts. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in nice condition. Dust jacket's top edge is frayed. Bottom edge show light shelf wear. 

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