The Complete Asian Cookbook

The Complete Asian Cookbook is a comprehensive cookbook with over 800 recipes from 16 Asian countries from Singapore to Cambodia. You'll enjoy all types of dishes from Indonesian satays to Korean hot-pots and much more. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 511 pages 

Copyright: 1987 

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Company 

Author: Charmaine Solomon 

ISBN: 9780070596368

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Description: Charmaine Solomon has tried and tested every recipe. 'Just because Asian food is different', she says, 'it doesn't have to be difficult to prepare.' And she proves it: clearly presented recipes list every ingredient and every preparation step in easy-to-follow terms. Although she takes the mystery out of the cooking of the 'mysterious East', Charmaine has successfully preserved the unique flavours and textures that put Asian food among the world's greatest and most exciting cuisines. 

Thirteen chapters present more than 800 recipes from sixteen Asian countries. There are exciting finds for cooks already familiar with Asian food, and simple (but nonetheless authentic) recipes for those exploring it for the first time.  

Even a glimpse at these pages shows that there's much more to Japanese food than sukiyaki and raw fish; to Chinese food than 'chop suey' and fried rice; to Indian food than scorching curries; to Indonesian food than satays and peanut sauce. And while Charmaine, in her inimitable way, covers some familiar territory, she ventures into culinary areas that ought to be better known: the sour-hot dishes of Thailand, the Nonya cooking of Singapore and Malaysia , the Arabian Nights flavours of Indian sweetmeats, the soul-warming hot-pots of Korea; and she brings back excitingly different dishes from the largely uncharted (in cooking terms) lands of Burma, Vietnam, Laos and Khmer (Cambodia). 

The introduction to each chapter give valuable information about how local dishes are prepared and served. There is a special section on "equivalents and substitutes." The comprehensive glossary explains unfamiliar ingredients, and the detailed index lists local and Western names for every dish. And you can almost taste the superb photographs that illustrate every chapter. The Complete Asian Cookbook is both for reading and for cooking with -- it's essential kitchen equipment for anyone interested in the culinary delights of Asia. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in beautiful condition. Dust jacket's edges show minor shelf wear and some light blistering in the laminate.  Bottom corner of front cover's interior flap has been clipped. Last interior page's edge has minor damage.

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