The Chinese People's Cookbook

Mai Leung's The Chinese People's Cookbook shares Chinese recipes including Teahouse Spareribs in Garlic and Black Bean Sauce, Four Happiness Shao Mai, Classic Shrimp Wonton Soup and Beef with Black Bean Sauce on Golden Brown Noodles. Hungry already? You'll love the recipes in this authentic cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 236 pages. First edition 

Copyright: 1979 

Publisher: Harper & Row Publishers 

Author: Mai Leung 

ISBN: 9780060125981

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Description: Mai Leung, as a schoolgirl in mainland China, spent her free afternoons at the teahouses, watching the constant parade of crowds coming for their favorite dim sum (savory steamed dumplings), noodle dishes, hearty soups, and other teahouse treats. There were, at night, the special delights of what the Chinese call "the people's nightclub": strolling under the stars through the back lanes, watching the impromptu entertainmenLs, and, of course, eating -- ravishing snacks served up by venders who appeared out of nowhere with their portable charcoal stoves. There were wonderful home-cooked meals as well -- clay-pot dinners, noodle nests in savory broths, and family specialties made only for festival times. 

All of this glorious fare is virtually unknown to Americans, who know only the formal, banquet food of China. Various and splendid though it is, there is another whole cuisine that is just beginning to make its way here. The food in this book is simple, hearty peasant fare, everyday food -- but very sophisticated in its interplay of flavors and textures. The names of the dishes conjure up their character: Sugary Old Man, Deep-Fried Ghosts, Spiced Chicken in a Pumpkin, Smiling Dates, Silk Thread from Heaven, Five Fragrance Eggplant Fritters, among many. These dishes are easy to prepare, inexpensive, and nutritious. Recipes that involve working with loughs have been tested under varying weather conditions. There are special sections on Chinese tea and the sometimes bewildering world of Chinese noodles: how to store and cook them, how to make your own, how to find the best ones. I lere is the authentic everyday food of China, from a native-born cook who has traveled thousands of miles to research these 99 recipes. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in very nice condition. Dust jacket shows discoloration (aging) mostly along the frayed edges. There are also some small tears in the jacket and overall spottiness and discoloration.  

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