Tasting Club

Tasting Club is a guide to hosting tasting parties. Each event inside the book focuses on learning about a specific food or drink such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cured Meats, or Chocolate. The book contains only a handful of recipes, so we would classify it as a guide rather than a cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 256 pages. 

Copyright: 2006 

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishing 

Author: Dina Cheney 

ISBN: 9780756620592

$11.00 $9.99

Additional Details

Description: It's clear we're more knowledgeable and interested in gourmet food and drink than ever before -- and our tastes have grown increasingly sophisticated. Alas, we have less time to cook, or lack the space or confidence to throw a dinner party. Even those of us who do host meals often find ourselves looking for something novel. 

Enter Tasting Club, the first guide to hosting tasting parties -- a fun, new alternative to the book club. Just gather variations on one type of food or beverage, taste, record your observations, learn, laugh, and enjoy. No cooking -- and barely any clean-up -- is necessary. 

Tasting Club introduces the concept of "deep tasting," or savoring food and drink in a structured fashion to get acquainted with our own palates. The next ten chapters -- each focusing on a different type of food or drink -- supply background information on where the food or drink is from and how it is made, offer tips on purchasing the best products, suggest materials for setting up the tasting, and provide detailed instructions guiding you through your tasting experience. 

You'll also find grids for recording tasting notes, as well as recommended menus, delicious recipes for accompaniments or leftovers, helpful glossaries, and fun trivia. The book concludes with suggestions for further reading. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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