Tastes of Jewish Tradition Cookbook

Tastes of Jewish Tradition Cookbook is an award-winning Jewish cookbook geared toward children, but interactive with the whole family. It contains a blend of recipes, tradition, and activities. 


Format: Hardcover, 298 pages 

Copyright: 2002 

Publisher: Harry and Rose Samson Family 

Author: Harry and Rose Samson Family 

ISBN: 9780971346109

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Description: Traditions are at the core of Jewish heritage. With Tastes of Jewish Tradition you can honor this heritage while also finding ways to create new family traditions. 

  • Discover why tradition directs us to serve two loaves of challah on Shabbat 
  • Learn why Aunt Katie won't serve horseradish with her gefilte fish on Rosh HaShanah 
  • Find step-by-step directions for creating a Hanukkah drip tray 
  • Liven up your Passover Seder with a dramatic parting of the Red Sea 
  • Read aloud "Honi the Circle Maker" on Tu Bishvat 
  • Prepare Passover Trail Mix and Monkey Bread Challah 


Condition: Good condition. Open page has small crease. 

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