Taste of France Cookbook

The Taste of France cookbook contains French recipes contributed by some of Europe's leading food writers from Ann Willan to Arabella Boxer. The cookbook contains 100 recipes and 375 full color photos. For cooks that enjoy photo-rich cookbooks, this is sure to please, with beautiful imagery of the countryside and the native ingredients and some of the final dishes. 


Format: Softcover, 288 pages 

Copyright: 1983 

Publisher: Stewart, Tabori & Chang Publishers 

Author: Robert Freson 

ISBN: 9781556703690

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Description:  First published in the early 70's in hardcover, Stewart, Tabori & Chang's classic tour of France and French regional cooking was hailed as "the season's most spectacular book about food and drink" by UPI. With 375 full-color photographs, 100 recipes and a narrative description of the culinary customs of the fourteen great food regions, The Taste of France conveys a sense of the color, flavor, variety and imagination of a meal in France as it celebrates regional cuisine as well as the beauty and traditions of the farms, markets and tables of France. 

Each chapter is the result of many weeks of photographing settings in villages and countrysides from Provence and Burgundy, to Normandy, Brittany and the Ile de France. Leading European food writers, including Ann Willan, Richard Olney, Arabella Boxer and Caroline Conran, contributed to a text that serves as a gastronomic guide to the French provinces. Each section of the book includes regional recipes, researched and adapted by Jacqueline Saulnier, a noted French cookbook author, enabling food lovers to appreciate the distinctive culinary sensibility of each area. 

The beautiful array of dishes presented here offers the most delicious and sometimes the simplest foods prepared in the French tradition. From Brittany, lusty fish stew, cotriade; from Lyons, saucisson en brioche; from Burgundy, escargot simmered in Chablis; from Provence, coupe au piston, redolent with garlic and fresh olive oil; and from Normandy, classic apple tart, served with creme fraiche. Each recipe and photograph reflects the gentle pace and subtle elegance of life in the French provinces. 

With a map of the culinary regions and a text rich with anecdote and atmospheric detail, The Taste of France is a tribute to the legendary pleasures of French cooking. 


Condition: Interior pages are in beautiful condition. Covers' top and bottom edges are a slightly worn. 

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