Taste of Tea and History of Tea - Set of Two Books

Taste and History of Tea Cookbook features a set of two books in a nice ribbon tied cover sleeve: The Taste of Tea and The History of Tea. One book focuses on tea types and the differences between them. The other book discusses the origins of tea, its history in different regions including Europe and the United States,and more. These are not cookbooks, but instead a special set of books for tea lovers. 


Format: Box set of two hardcovers, 89 pages and 85 pages. 

Copyright: 2007 

Publisher: Flammarion 

Author: Christine Dattner 

ISBN: 9782080300225

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Additional Details

Description: Tea, by Christine Dattner, features two books inside a book-style sleeve. Each teaches you everything you need to know about tea types and tea history. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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