Tante Heidi's Swiss Kitchen Cookbook

Here is a great vintage find. Tante Heidi's Swiss Kitchen cookbook from 1966 features authentic recipes from 22 Swiss cantons. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 148 pages. 

Copyright: 1966

Publisher: Gramercy Publishing Company 

Author: Eva Maria Borer 

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Description: Some say there is no such thing as the "Swiss kitchen," for on the gastronomic map of Switzerland there is no capital. Cookery lore comes in four different languages and regional specialties are jealously guarded secrets. So when we talk about Swiss food, we refer mainly to the specialties of the different cantons and districts, of which there are so many in Switzerland, and which enable Swiss menus to ring numerous changes and offer delicious surprises. 

This book incorporates as representative a selection as possible from the wide variety of recipes which have evolved over the years in the twenty-two Swiss cantons. Here you will find unusual soups and stews, the famous fondues and Raclette and cheese dishes galore, Rösti and Wähen and sweets and pastries. 

Dishes which in their original form were too rich and indigestible have been adapted to suit modern standards, or from several methods of preparation was chosen that which best meets our needs. In some cases the recipe is the result of trial and error, for the old cookery books and handwritten notes which served as sources rarely had any indications of weights and measures. 


Condition: Dust jacket has heavy tears and is in poor condition. Interior is in very good condition. 

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