Tagines and Couscous Moroccan Cookbook

Tagines and Couscous is a wonderful cookbook of Moroccan recipes for one-pot cooking. Many of the recipes feature a full-page photo of the prepared dish. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 144 pages. 

Copyright: 2010 

Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small 

Author: Ghillie Basan 

ISBN: 9781845979485

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Description: Tagines are rich and aromatic casseroles that form the basis of traditional Moroccan cooking. Flavored with fragrant spices, they are cooked and often served from an attractive lidded cooking vessel, also called a tagine. 

In this collection of over 50 deliciously authentic recipes you will find some of the best-loved classics from the Moroccan kitchen. A chapter of Traditional Lamb Tagines, includes the sumptuous Lamb ragine with Pairs, Almonds, and Pistachios; and Lamb Tagine with Chestnuts, Saffron, and Pomegranate Seeds. 

Also included are less traditional but equally delicious recipes for Beef, Kefta, and Sausage Tagines Try a Beef Tagine with Sweet Potatoes, Peas, and Ginger; a Kefta (meatball) Tagine with Eggs and Roasted Cumin; and a Spicy Chorizo Tagine with Lentils and Fenugreek. 

Lighter recipes for Chicken and Duck Tagines include a tangy Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemon, Green Olives, and Thyme and a Tagine of Duck Breasts with Dates, Honey, and Orange Flower Water. 

Ideas for Fish and Seafood Tagines include an Oven-baked Red Mullet, Tomatoes, and Lime Tagine; Monkfish Tagine with Potatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, and Black Olives; and a Creamy Shellfish Tagine with Fennel and Harissa. 

Simple to prepare Vegetable Tagines make satisfying and economical meals. Iry a Tagine of Butternut Squash, Shallots, Sultanas, and Almonds; a colorful Three Bell Pepper Tagine with Eggs; or a Tagine of Artichokes, Potatoes, Peas, and Saffron. 

A chapter devoted to Couscous Dishes provides an essential recipe for the classic accompaniment Plain, Buttery Couscous, as well as ideas for commplete dishes, such as Green Couscous with a Spring Broth; Lemon Couscous with Roasted Vegetables; and Couscous Tfaia with Beef. 

Fresh-tasting Salads and Vegetable Side Dishes are often served at the start of a meal or alongside spicy or sweet tagines to balance the flavors. Recipes to try include Preserved Lemon and Tomato Salad with Capers; Chickpea Salad with Onions and Paprika; Honey-glazed Pumpkin with Spices; and Orange Salad with Red Onions and Black Olives. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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