Sweet Temptations: Natural Dessert Cookbook

Sweet Temptations: Natural Dessert Cookbook is a book of tasty desserts that require no cooking and are made from fresh, healthy ingredients. Black Bottom Pie, Cherry Desdemona Tarts, and Lady Falconbridge Apple Streusel are a sample of some of the delicious desserts inside the Sweet Temptations cookbook. 


Format: Softcover, 250 pages. 

Copyright: 1988 

Publisher: Avery 

Author: Frances Kendall 

ISBN: 9780895293558

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Description: Frances Kendall has perfected the art of creating sweet surprises for dessert lovers who care about their health. With Sweet Temptations, you can have your cake -- and eat it too. 

For many years a chef extraordinaire at Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, Frances Kendall has collected her favorite "sweet temptations." The recipes range from simple nectars and shakes to elegant cakes and pies. Puddings, ambrosias, fruit ice creams, cookies, candies, and dried fruit treats round out the sense-ational selection. Whether you're serving one or twenty, an intimate gathering or a gala affair, the author has included recipes that will work for you. 

Sweet Temptations tells you how to combine fresh, wholesome ingredients to create luscious, mouth-watering desserts. The recipes are all easy to prepare and naturally delicious. They're easy to put together because they don't require any cooking at all. They're naturally delicious because they focus on fruits, nuts, seeds, and spices -- without any added sugar or salt. All the ingredients remain in their most vital state because no heating is used to destroy natural vitamins and enzymes. 

With its high-quality ingredients and its attractive presentation, this book is sure to bring out your most creative culinary spirit. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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