Sweet Onions and Sour Cherries Cookbook

Sweet Onions and Sour Cherries Cookbook offers up over 250 recipes that showcase vegetables and fruits as the main focus of each recipe. Inside, you'll also find information on selection and storage fro 34 vegetables and 31 fruits. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 365 pages 

Copyright: 1992 

Publisher: Simon and Schuster 

Author: Jeannette Ferrary and Louise Fiszer 

ISBN: 9780671700843

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Description: The Sweet Onions and Sour Cherries Cookbook relegates meat, poultry, and fish to supporting positions while celebrating the extraordinary varieties of vegetables and fruits available in the American marketplace today -- from the sweet onions and sour cherries of the title to Chioggia beets, Chinese long beans, and casaba melons. 

In more than 250 recipes, Jeannette Ferrary and Louise Fiszer, authors of Season to Taste and The California-American Cookbook, extol this bountiful array and tell us how to select, store, and enjoy 31 fruits and 34 vegetables. Here's just a sampling of the delights to be found within: Rigatoni with Broccoli and Hot Sausage; Fresh Corn and Maple Muffins; Leek, Red Pepper, and Goat Cheese Frittata; Pear, Watercress, and Endive Salad with Sweet Gorgonzola; and Pineapple-Cornmeal Coffee Cake. The authors also offer fascinating history, folklore, and anecdotes from the world of produce, and Lauren Jarrett's beautiful line drawings make the book a pleasure to look at as well as to read. 

"Our hope is to encourage exploration and experimentation," the authors tell us in their introduction to the book. "And when you have shopped with too much exuberance -- when the cherries were too beautiful and you couldn't resist the gloriously multicolored peppers -- take a peek in these pages." Sweet Onions and Sour CHerries is meant for just those moments of enthusiasm. 


Condition: Interior jacket flap is creased. Opening blank red page has the name of a recipe and page number in ink. Further good condition. 


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