Sweet Minatures Cookbook - Art of Making Bite Size Desserts

Sweet Minatures Cookbook - Art of Making Bite Size Desserts has some amazing dishes, as depicted in the very first spread with a lovely color photo of some of the finished treats. Inside this cookbook, you'll find 150 recipes for miniature desserts from cookies to pastries and cakes. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 354 pages. 

Copyright: 1991. First Edition 

Publisher: William Morrow and Company, Inc. 

Author: Flo Braker 

ISBN: 9780688105396

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Description: Something makes you thrill to see a familiar object such as a windmill or a star scaled down to an unusually small size. Before you eat a miniature, you fall in love with it. After all, it's yours. Who would dare ask you to share something so small and perfect? California chef and restaurant owner Jeremiah Tower summed up the lure of miniatures brilliantly: "They are the dollhouse of architecture, the Faberge eggs of jewelry, and the tin soldiers of the playroom." 

Sweet Miniatures cookbook is the only collection of miniature recipes written by the renowned authority on the subject. This cookbook finally shows you how to make those dazzling creations passed around at fancy parties or served with the coffee in three-star Paris restaurants or sold only at the best bakeries. It will also enable you to add an exciting difference to a family dinner, an important party, a wedding, or an anniversary. Finally, Sweet Miniatures is an indispensable book for anyone who caters or who owns a bakery or restaurant. 

150 recipes, 8 pages of color photographs of finished miniatures, and 50 line drawings of techniques 


  • Flo Braker has ingeniously organized this section according to the dominant flavors and textures-chewy, crispy, and chocolate! Chantilly Fans, Daddy Long Legs, Cornmeal Batons, and Tiffany Rings reveal only a glimpse of the delectable and whimsical surprises here.


  • Short doughs, sour cream pastries, and puff pastries encase lemon curds, caramel creams, fresh fruit, and all manner of nut fillings. The only problem is what to try first‚ÄîScheherazade Tartlets, Sweet Ravioli, Streusel Pastry Strips, Flaky Windmills, or Phyllo Accordions.


  • Here find the recipes for genoise, butter cakes, and other scrumptious foundations for building Pistachio Petits Fours, Calypso Minirolls, Tiny Raspberry Cheesecakes, Parisers, Sweet Sushi Swirls, Dominoes, Hedgehogs, Polka Dot Minicakes, and lots more.

Among this book's unique features:  

  • The clearest of recipe directions as well as detailed explanations of ingredients, utensils, and decorating tips.
  • Countless variations enabling the baker to produce many different miniatures with the same recipe.
  • Careful advice on serving, storing, and freezing.
  • A reference chart listing miniature type, size, texture, and page number -- better than an index!
  • Instructions on how to form innovative stencils.
  • Advance preparation tips on baking miniatures individually or in volume.
  • Flo's unique recipe for Blitz (made in minutes) Puff Pastry.
  • Directions on how to form cylinders into triangles.
  • The secrets for cutting large cakes into beautiful shapes.

There is simply no other source on the market that offers the variety of Flo Braker's Sweet Miniatures. A must addition to any library, here is your chance to welcome guests with delectable, artistic morsels you have created yourself. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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