In The Sweet Kitchen Cookbook: The Definitive Baker's Companion

In The Sweet Kitchen Cookbook: The Definitive Baker's Companion is an IACP Cookbook Award Winner of Book of the Year. It contains over 150 recipes for desserts, brownies and more, each touted as simple and seductive. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 692 pages. 

Copyright: 2001 

Publisher: Artisan 

Author: Regan Daley 


ISBN: 9781579652081

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Description: Ah, dessert. It's the ultimate comfort food. A simple crumble, with all its memories of childhood. A slice of still-warm blueberry pie. That chocolate truffle with just a hint of chestnut melting away so mysteriously. Yet many cooks are intimidated by the idea of preparing these delights themselves. 

Professional pastry chef Regan Daley maintains that baking is no mystery. Anyone, she insists, can make a fabulous dessert -- as long as the ingredients are chosen with care. The components of most desserts are few, so they must be of the highest quality. She knows firsthand how fresh butter or the right chocolate can transform a simple cake. She knows the stunning difference between a silky lemon curd made from the juice of fat lemons and one made from bottled juice, that shortcakes made with bland, pulpy strawberries shipped three thousand miles can't compare with those made with rich, red local fruit and fresh cream. 

In the Sweet Kitchen will help you navigate through the world of sweet cooking, providing extensive information on hundreds of ingredients, from vanilla beans to rose water to durian fruit. It explains how to select, store and best use baking elements as common as cornstarch or flour and as unusual as cloud-berries or manuka honey. It unlocks the simple secret of truly great desserts -- knowing your ingredients: 

  • the best kind of cocoa to use for dark, fudgy brownies
  • the differences among cream of coconut, creamed coconut and coconut cream
  • which vanilla bean is best in poached pears

This ultimate cookbook/reference volume makes it all clear, and also provides hundreds of invaluable tips and techniques Regan mastered during her professional career. In addition, Regan offers practical advice on equipment: Do you really need a state-of-the-art apple corer?

Will using nonstick pans affect the outcome of your baked goods? Indispensable tables such as the Baking Pan Substitution ("hart and the Cake Troubleshooting Chart help you modify your recipes -- or figure out what went wrong. And the unique Flavor Pairing Chart is a must for inspiration and a list of great partners 

Regan shares more than 150 of her favorite desserts, both simple and seductive. Thick slices of Toasted Hazelnut Pound Cake are perfect for a picnic; Oven-Roasted Pears with Red Wine and a Gratin of Goat's Cheese make a sensational finale to an elegant dinner party; Pumpkin and Orange Breakfast Cake with a Fresh Orange Syrup is great any time of day. There are homey desserts with special twists -- Guava Cheesecake, the World's Sexiest Sundae -- not to mention addictive brownies, mouthwatering pies, nostalgic cobblers, mousses, ice creams, quick breads, fritters and more. 


Condition: Good condition.

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