Swedish Homecooking

So many delicious recipes are found inside the Swedish Homecooking. Pinocchio Cake, one of the recipes inside the cookbook, looks like something we definitely need to try! 


Format: Hardcover, 223 pages. 

Copyright: 2005

Publisher: Bokforlaget Arena

Author: Catarina Lundgren Astrom and Peter Astrom

ISBN: 9789178431984

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Description: Like Swedish Christmas, Catarina and Peter Aström's first book, Swedish Homecooking is not just a cookbook. It is a journey through Swedish traditions and festivals. generously garnished with delicious recipes from Swedish cuisine. 

Our year-long gastronomic journey starts off with those wonderful Lenten buns, just as the Christmas tree is being taken down, and continues on through the Spring with Easter and Walpurgis and the traditional meals associated with the season. Then comes Midsummer and the crayfish parties of August, Before you know it, it's already Fall and time to celebrate Martin Goose Day in November. 

Every season, every feast has its own traditions and food. Even everyday life is filled with enormous variations to tickle the palate. 

Contrary to popular belief, Swedish cuisine is so much more than our world-famous Swedish meatballs. Not to say they aren't delicious, they are! But it's just one flavor of many, many more to be found in Swedish cooking. Sweden is a country which features long coastlines and numerous lakes, thus offering a wide variety of fish. And there are many forests as well, where you can find all sorts of berries -- including our favorite lingonberries, which we serve with practically everything. Potatoes are another much-beloved addition to any Swedish table it's hard to imagine another country which boasts so many different kinds of potato dishes, all consumed with gusto by the natives. 

And who can forget herring -- an absolute must for any Midsummer celebration. With the sun shining nearly 24 hours (only in the south does the sun set for a short period), Swedish revelers celebrate the occasion by dancing around the maypole, flowers in their hair, to the delight of many a visiting tourist. 

So we invite you to bring a little Sweden into your homes. All the recipes --both in terms of food and preparation -- have been adapted for the American kitchen, so that creating a Swedish meal in your very own neighborhood will be easy. As we say, smaklig måltid! 


Condition: One spread of pages has some aged food spots/stains. Further, good condition. 

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