Step-by-Step Sushi Cookbook

Step-by-Step Sushi Cookbook is by the chef and owner Glover City, California's Yamamoto Japanese Restaurant. It contains a comprehensive selection of more than 70 exotic recipes. Many step-by-step photos are inside the cookbook. Aspiring home sushi chefs will enjoy this unique and close up look at the art of making sushi. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 96 pages. 

Copyright: 1990 

Publisher: Gallery Books 

Authors: Katsuji Yamamoto and Roger W Hicks 

ISBN: 9780831779993

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Description: Sushi is a simple, nutritious, yet intensely decorative way of eating that exists not only in its own right -- in sushi bars and Japanese restaurants all over the world -- but also as an influence over other cuisines, often in the form of marinaded or raw fish. Sushi is essentially pats of delicately vinegared rice, variously shaped and flavored, and accompanied by a variety of different ingredients, particularly raw and cooked seafood, pickles, vegetables, seaweed and other seasonings. The range of fresh ingredients -- such as clams, salmon, scallops, squid, tuna; egg pancakes, nori (seaweed), cucumber, wasabi (Japanese horse-radish), daikon (white radish) -- is endless and infinitely adaptable. 

Step-by-step Sushi cookbook unravels the secrets of the sushi bar to instruct in the making of all types of sushi: for example, nigiri-zushi (an oblong pat of rice,' smeared with wasabi and topped with a strip of raw fish fillet); moki-zushi (intricate rolls comprising rice, a selection of vegetables and fish, all wrapped in a, sheet of non); chiroshi-zushi (scattered sushi), mushi-zushi (steamed sushi), hakozushi (box 'sushi) and also sashimi. The recipes are supported by comprehensive introductory sections on sushi bar 'etiquette', what to drink with your meal, buying and filleting fish, how to prepare the more unusual Japanese ingredients. An invaluable glossary of Japanese words and terms completes the book. 

With clear and precise instructions, supported with full-color step-by-step photography and beautiful shots of the finished dishes, Step-by-Step Sushi presents one of the world's most inspired, delicious and visually aesthetic cuisines for you to recreate at home. 


Condition: Very good condition with some small tears on dust jacket corner. 

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