Cooking With Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Over 75 recipes are found inside this Cooking With Sun-Dried Tomatoes cookbook. If you love this old-world staple, you will be inspired by the recipes inside this cookbook. 


Format: Softcover, #160 pages. 

Copyright: 1990 

Publisher: Fisher Books 

Author: Lois Dribin and Denise Marina 

ISBN: 9781555610333

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Description: You're in for a truly rare and exciting treat. Join the many creative cooks the world over who are discovering sun-dried tomatoes. 

Sun-dried tomatoes developed in the Mediterranean long ago when sun-drying fruits and vegetables was a necessary means of preservation. The process yielded a brilliant deep-red color with a robust flavor. Distinctive and versatile, this indispensable culinary staple enhanced an endless array of dishes from simple to elegant. 

Cooking with Sun-Dried Tomatoes has over 75 new, imaginative recipes highlighting the extraordinary powers of this old-world staple. To take advantage of your own garden-fresh harvests, there are easy directions for making your own sun-dried tomatoes. 

Enjoy simple, creative-style cooking for elegant pastas to mouthwatering main dishes. Try scrumptious Italian Stuffed Artichokes, Tortellini Salad. Shrimp Primavera or Chicken Marsala. 

Cooking with Sun-Dried Tomatoes will add a whole new dimension to the art of your cooking. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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