Sugar Spoon Recipes Vintage Cookbook - Domino Sugar Bowl Kitchen

Sugar Spoon Recipes Vintage Cookbook - Domino Sugar Bowl Kitchen is a wonderful vintage cookbook that was published in a flip book style format that can also stand up on a table like a restaurant's table tent or cardboard promo display. It has recipes for all kinds of sweets like cakes, cookies, candies, and frosting. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 51 pages - flip book. 

Copyright: 1962 

Publisher: American Sugar Refining Company 

Author: Domino Sugar Bowl Kitchen 

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Description: The art of sugar cookery, long neglected except in the private kitchens of god cooks, became the dominating concern of home economists in the Domino Sugar Bowl Kitchen upon opening. This art so filled with sensations of flavor, appearance, odor and texture is no less a science -- one in which recipes are carefully balanced formulae for foods to be served on our American tables. 

It has been the purpose of the Domino Sugar Bowl Kitchen to seek out appealing foods, investigate old recipes, and use painstaking methods to develop the best-of-all recipes for certain foods. During the years, a variety of procedures has been tried for making candies smoother, frostings easier to spread, cakes finer, chiffon pies lighter and bavarian creams prettier. 

From a multitude of tests have come improved techniques, easier-to-follow recipes and a variety of suggestions to bring more flavor and more color to some of our popular American foods. There are also more tightly balanced recipes ... more tightly balanced to provide products of the highest quality. The pursuit of sweetness has been the pursuit of the perfect ... and the pursuit of light has been the pursuit of the art of sugar cookery. Something of this delightful art is to be found on these pages ... in your kitchen ... and on your table. 


Condition: Cardboard covers have some creases and corner wear. Interior nice condition. 

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