Stina: The Story Of A Cook: Vintage Cookbook 1946

Stina, The Story of a Cook is a vintage cookbook from 1946. It share recipes and stories of Stina and her kitchen and thoughts on cooking. Baba Alsacien, Red Cabbage and Cranberries, Potato and Onion Casserole, Apple Blossom Ice Cream and many more tasty recipes are found inside this unusual vintage cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket with protective plastic sleeve, 242 pages 

Copyright: 1946, Sixth Printing 

Publisher: M. Barrows and Co., Inc. 

Author: Herman Smith 

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Description: With everyone who appreciates good food this book will find a warm friendly spot. Who hasn't the memory of a cook, whether mother, wife, sweetheart, brother or father, a good friend, or family retainer, whose fame should have been recorded in a very special book? I am sure the author intended this book to be it, a book to all the good cooks in the world. When you read, page after page, the story of Stina, written by the golden-haired boy who worshiped at her shrine, your heartstrings will have many a tug. Weep unashamed tears for the memories of the days past, when you, too, licked the batter spoon. 

The descriptions of Stina's kitchen, the celebrations, the wedding are nostalgic, but it is the earthy philosophy entwined with food which makes us all love Stina. The old proverb, "Man is what he eats," meant something to Stina. If she was responsible for feeding a family, then her men and women were to be the country's best. Certainly she took time and care in preparing her food. She didn't entertain the idea of haphazard cooking. 

Each meal, each dish was the creation of an artist. But her food also had to have sustenance. Stina believed that food should be properly cooked, taste good, and look appetizing. She fed her family three square meals a day. Would that there were more Stings today to help spread the gospel of nutrition, a nutrition which requires three squares a day! 

But this book has another value. Yes, you guessed it. The recipes. Your author doesn't just talk about the food Stina prepared. He tells you how to duplicate the dishes. And if your mouth doesn't water, and if you don't rush to the nearest kitchen to try out some of the recipes, then I've missed my guess. I've tasted many of the dishes described and tried the recipes, too. You'll enjoy every one because they are so practical. What fun and joy is in store for you. Some recipes you'll earmark as your favorites, just as I have. 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket in protector, but has some small tears at corners. 

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