Stephenson's Apple Farm Restaurant Vintage Cookbook

Stephenson's Apple Farm Restaurant Vintage Cookbook is a small spiral recipe booklet that is highly desired by collectors. This little cookbook is from the popular restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri. This edition is scarce. 


Format: Softcover spiral, 50 pages. 

Copyright: 1974 

Publisher: Stephenson's Apple Farm Restaurant, Kansas City, Missouri

Author: Stephenson's Apple Farm Restaurant, Kansas City

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Description: In 1870, when Highway 40 was a mud road, the Stephenson fruit and vegetable farm had its beginning. From a little, one-room stone building,, our grandparents sold home-grown produce to folks traveling between Lee's Summit and Independence. Old Timers say the little building was regarded as the half-way point between these two towns. 

Like most early Missouri settlers, our grandparents smoked meats, made apple butter, canned their own fruits and vegetables. And so, on April 16, 1946, when we opened our restaurant in the original stone building, it seemed natural to call it The Apple Farm. We had 10 booths then and served only 38 people the first day. 

Then, as now, we served old-fashioned hickory smoked meats, home-made apple butter, preserves and relishes -- all prepared in our kitchens in the unique manner which our grandparents had taught us. Gradually, during seven remodelings the original stone building has been engulfed. It remains, however, as part of the restaurant's superstructure. 

In 1935 Norman, our older brother, joined father in the orchard business. Since then, the orchard acreage has spread from Lee's Summit to locations in Blue Springs, Grain Valley and Sibley. From these orchards come our fresh apples, peaches, berries and the sweet cider which we serve all year long. Fresh produce from these orchards can also be bought, in season, at Norman's stand next to the restaurant. We join the young men and women who are serving you in a warm welcome. 


Condition: Good condition. Light stain on the back cover. 

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