Step by Step Pasta Cookbook And More - Italian Cooking Lessons

Step by Step Pasta Cookbook And More is a series of Italian cooking lessons with recipes and step-by-step illustrations of techniques. With more than 200 recipes for all kinds of pasta dishes, Italian cuisine lovers will enjoy having this cook book in hand.  


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 383 pages 

Copyright: 1984  

Publisher: Chartwell Books, Inc. 

Author: Simonetta Lupi Vada 

ISBN: 9780890098035

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Description:  Collected in this single volume, Step by Step Pasta Cookbook "(and more ... ), are over 200 recipes for homemade pasta, stuffed pasta, pasta sauces, rice dishes, soups, and hot and cold sauces. Carefully translated and adapted for American kitchens, this book was originally written for* an Italian audience and represents Italian cooking as it is currently being practiced in Italy.

American cooks will be fascinated—and tantalized—by such intriguingly contemporary recipes as pasta with smoked salmon, a giant pasta sheet stuffed jellyroll-style with spinach, a pasta sauce flavored with vodka, and a delicious cold tomato soup. Also included here, of course, are many classic (and sometimes unusual) recipes culled from the proud culinary traditions of Italy's distinctive regional cultures. Among these recipes are wholewheat spaghetti with duck, exquisite tortelli filled with pumpkin, Parmesan cheese, macaroons, and mustard fruits, a pungent version of the famous Puttanesca sauce, rice croquettes with mozzarella, a hearty peasant soup of fava beans and artichokes, and an earthy horseradish and walnut sauce perfect for dressing cold meats. 

But as diverse and tempting as the recipes are, they tell only part of the story of this remarkable book. Step by Step Pasta Cookbook (and more...) is actually a learning text, a series of lessons in the art of Italian cooking. The recipes are accompanied by hundreds of beautiful full-color photographs that provide step-by-step illustrations of cooking procedures. The chapter introductions give valuable how-to advice on such matters as rolling out pasta dough by hand, preparing risotto, garnishing soups, and getting those sometimes troublesome egg-yolk sauces to bind properly. All of the equipment and utensils necessary to produce the dishes in an authentic manner are listed and explained. And, for the busy 9-to-5 cook, there are thoughtful tips on how to prepare dishes ahead and store them in the refrigerator or freezer. 

All in all, both for the experienced cook wanting to expand his or her recipe repertory and for the less experienced cook eager to master the fundamentals of Italian cuisine, Step by Step Pasta Cookbook (and more... ) is an exciting new volume. 

Simonetta Lupi Vada began her career in 1958-. an editor for Cucina , Italiana, Italy's first and foremost cooking magazine. In 1963 she became editor-in-chief for Gruppo Editorials Fabbri in Milan, in charge of food encyclopedias as well as the author of many recipes. 



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