The Splendid Grain - Julia Child Cookbook Award Winner

The Splendid Grain, a Julia Child Cookbook Award winner, offers robust, inspired recipes for grains with vegetables, fish, poultry, meat and fruit. Dishes like Persian Yogurt Soup with Garlic and Mint, Barley Biscotti, Purple Amasake, Boston Brown Bread, Pueblo Bread Pudding, and more are all found inside this exciting cookbook. We recommend this to anyone that follows a healthy diet and is looking for unique and interesting new recipes to try at home. 


Format: Hardcover, 394 pages. 

Copyright: 1997. First edition 

Publisher: William Morrow & Company 

Author: Rebecca Wood 

ISBN: 9780688097660

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Description: The Splendid Grain is the elegant masterpiece on grain cooking that will amaze cooks with whole grain's power to transform the taste and texture of food in remarkable ways. Now more than ever Americans are looking for delicious ways to integrate extraordinarily healthful whole grains into their lives without having to change their lifestyles. The Splendid Grain shows you how whole grains can replace or be added to recipes to not only kick up the nutritional value of every meal but to add essential flavor and flair. In these pages oats form the nutty, sweet crust of fried chicken; mellow, piquant quinoa heightens and absorbs the savory juices of gingered lamb; and hearty ground buckwheat becomes a sweet, delicate, Parisian-inspired crepe. 

Grain has never looked quite like this before: creamy Creole Corn Oysters, Quinoa Blinis with Black Bean Caviar, and Salmon Millet Rolls. These are just a sampling of the culinary diversity of the offerings. 

The Splendid Grain reinvents every meal using grains to broaden, deepen, and expand every cook's repertoire. A hearty bowl of oatmeal for breakfast is good for body and soul, but wait until piping hot breakfast millet or barley or Wild Rice Tortillas with Poached Huevos Rancheros and Ginger-Peach Salsa start your day. Salads come alive with grains. Try Lemon Coconut Rice Salad or Persian Rice with Yellow Fava Beans. 

Here too are far-ranging recipes that draw on authentic tastes from around the world. There are native pleasures like Herbed Posole with Dried Cranberries and Christmas Hens with Spicy Barley; Asian delights like tangy-hot Quinoa Soup, Saigon Style, prepared with ginger juice, fish sauce, shrimp, lime juice, and cilantro; and Mediterranean whole-grain treats like Grilled Gorgonzola Polenta with Portobello Ragout and Fried Sage. Here also are brilliant new spins on international classics: polenta made with millet, pilaf with oats, and risotto with barley. 

Since no feast would be complete without its indulgences, The Splendid Grain utilizes grains to exquisitely sweet advantage. Quinoa flour delivers a most unforgettable carrot cake, served here with Neufchatel Icing; a magnificent Quinoa Tart with Kiwi Sauce; and delectable butterscotch brownies. Earthy, rustic Barley Biscotti are great to dunk in wine or coffee. 

A revolution is quietly taking place in restaurants and in our kitchens, where we are cooking with more unusual grains like quinoa, millet, and wheat berries in addition to the more familiar rice, buckwheat, and corn. The Splendid Grain provides irresistible recipes for these grains and also introduces the next frontiers in grain cooking: tef and sorghum from North Africa, Job's tears from Asia, and mesquite and amaranth from America. 

Wood's expertise on the natural and native history of grains, their medicinal and nutritional properties, and her exhaustive knowledge of selection, storage, and cooking methods make The Splendid Grain not only a remarkable cookbook but an essential resource. The Splendid Grain expands the possibilities for high-octane healthful eating with glorious food for every appetite. 


Condition: Very good condition. 

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