The Spirited Taste of Italy Cookbook

The Spirited Taste of Italy cookbook includes more than 300 recipes that use wines and liquors from Italy. This Italian cookbook offers traditional favorites including eggplant parmigiana and Italian trifle to unique dishes such as roast pork in sparkling white wine and Alberini Fish Stew. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket with plastic protective sleeve, 256 pages 

Copyright: 1975. First printing 

Publisher: MacMillan Publishing Co., Inc. 

Author: Saul Krieg 

ISBN: 9780025667709

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Description: Cook with spirits, Italian style. 

Here are hundreds of easy-to-follow recipes for every type of dish, using the favorite wines and liquors of Italy. Saul Krieg has traveled throughout Italy gathering special recipes from 'amour restaurants, hotel chefs, and talented cooks of the countryside. He brings you the festive dishes of every Italian region -- from the rich, robust, aromatic pleasures of the South to the delicate and subtly flavored delights of the North. Some are exotic, others well suited to everyday meals, but all have the added touch of Italy's favorite red and white wines and liquors. Every recipe has been kitchen tested and made easy to prepare and cook with ingredients readily obtainable in American markets. 

The Spirited Taste of Italy includes recipes for every course from appetizers through entrees and desserts. You'll find standard Italian favorites that can enlivenany family meal -- cold antipastos, eggplant parmigiana, melon and prosciutto, and Italian trifle. You'll have fun With unusual recipes that are easy to prepare, such as eggs poached in spiced red wine and topped with melted Fontina cheese; or, a bit more gala, wild duck cooked in Lambrusco wine and garlic with black cherries and grapes; turkey fillets simmered in hot buttered wine sauce, garnished with truffles; roast pork in sparkling white wine; veal scallops in sweet wine; and artichokes with Bertani Soave mushroom sauce. For special guests you may wish to try the Alberini fish stew -- a subtle, elegant bouquet of codfish, flounder, mackerel, bass, and squid baked in a mellow broth with red wine and vermouth. For dessert, The Fruit Salad of Caesar -- eight fruits marinated in lemon juice and Punt e Mes and topped with sherbet and vanilla ice cream. Serve it immediately after the cream starts to run. 

A comprehensive wine guide takes the guesswork out of Italian wine selection, charting not only the wines' characteristics but offering background information on their regions and giving suggestions for serving. Here too are delightful ideas for Italy's famous aperitifs -- cobblers filled with shaved ice and fruits laced with seemingly innocent spirits. Mount Vesuvius Blast. La Dolce Vita. Bambino Bomb. 

Herbs, spices, aromatic vegetables, and cheese give Italian dishes their distinctive flavors, so Saul Krieg also includes a special guide that will enable you to experiment on your own. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in very nice condition. Dust jacket's bottom edge has a small tear. Dust jacket comes with plastic protective sleeve. 

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