Spanish Dishes From the Old Clay Pot Cookbook

Crock pot enthusiasts and gourmet cooks alike will love Spanish Dishes From the Old Clay Pot cookbook. More than 650 Spanish, Mexican, Latin American and Creole recipes can be found in this comprehensive recipe book. 

Format: Softcover, 277 pages 

Copyright: 1977 

Publisher: Ross Books 

Author: Elinor Burt 

ISBN: 9780894960017

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Description: An international tour of Spanish, Mexican, Latin American and Creole cooking with the best of each country represented in recipe. A few examples: 

  • Spanish Pot Pie,
  • Tomatoes Louisiana,
  • Corn Meal Cookies,
  • Creole Chowder,
  • Scalloped Lima,
  • Beans Brazilian,
  • Salad Spanish Eggs,
  • Spanish Pastries,
  • Sweet Potato,
  • Custard Milan,
  • Squash Mexican Fish,
  • Over 650 recipes with an exhaustive index,
  • Probably the most extensive Latin recipe cookbook available for the Spanish gourmet and crock pot enthusiast,
  • A complete explanation of sauces, side dishes and settings for delicious family and gourmet dining.


Condition: Interior pages are in very nice condition. Back cover's edge has a very small tear. 

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