Southfork Ranch Cookbook DALLAS TV Show Ranch

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Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 270 pages. 

Copyright: 1982 

Publisher: William Morrow & Co 

Author: Bea Terry 

ISBN: 9780688010003

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Description: Week after week, millions of Americans see the Southfork Ranch of DALLAS television fame without knowing that it is a real place, thirty miles from Dallas, where real Texans live. Bea Terry, a longtime Texas cook, and J. R. Duncan, the owner of the ranch, decided the rest of America doesn't know real Texas food, either. 

So here is Bea Terry's authentic Texas cookbook, with homemade barbecue sauces, the right way to make chili and many other "Texican" specialties, how Texans cook traditional Southern fare (fried chicken, grits, hush puppies), and steaks, roast turkey and goose, their great salads, cakes, meringue pies, and homemade preserves. It's all-American food, but with an all-Texas flavor, the way it's done back home on ranches all over the state. Bea Terry and J. R. Duncan like to think, if the Ewing family really lived at Southfork, this is what they would have on the dinner table -- things like guacamole salad, barbecued spareribs, chili beans and rice, corn bread, and watermelon-rind preserves -- some of the best regional cooking in the U.S.A. 

And, for a bonus, there's the true success story of how the Southfork Ranch became a star. 


Condition: Dust jacket has a small corner tear and some wear on the other corners. The interior jacket flaps are creased. Further good condition. 

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