Southern Appalachian Mountain Cookin' Booklet

Southern Appalachian Mountain Cookin' booklet presents authentic ol' mountain family recipes like Cherokee Indian Sweet Potato Bread, Highlands Stack Cake, and Mountain Hopping John. 


Format: Softcover booklet, 40 pages. 

Copyright: 1974 

Publisher: A merry Mountaineers Publication 

Author: Louise and Bill Dwyer 

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Description: Most of the old recipes in this book were gathered from mountain women who rarely bothered to write down from generation to generation with the general instructions to use a "pinch" of this and a "dab" of that. 

The big meal of the day was breakfast, and the boiled meal was supper. Menfolk rarely " messed around" with cooking but it was surprising how well they could cook with "make -- do fixin's" when they were out in the woods on a hunting trip. 

The old fashioned iron Dutch oven, the type with legs and a tight fitting flanged lid, was the pioneers' all-in-one cooking utensil. It could be hung over an open fire, set down in the fire, or buried in a pit of coals. it was at once a kettle, a frying pan, an oven, a pot, and sometimes even a stove. 


Condition: A few recipes have a small check mark in ink next to the title. 

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