South Carolina's Historic Restaurants and Their Recipes

South Carolina's Historic Restaurants and Their Recipes features more than 130 recipes from 50 of South Carolina's legendary restaurants. This revised edition contains 19 new restaurants. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 204 pages. 

Copyright: 1984 

Publisher: John F. Blair Publisher 

Author: Dawn O'Brien and Karen Mulford 

ISBN: 9780895870971

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Description: When authors Dawn O'Brien and Karen Mulford set out to explore fifty of South Carolina's historic restaurants, they had no idea what magnificent discoveries awaited them. They soon found out just how much you can learn about a state by visiting its historic buildings. 

Some of the old structures they visited are connected with a momentous event or an important historic figure. Others are simply places where everyday people once lived, worked and dreamed. But they are all part of the state's architectural and spiritual heritage. And today, many of these historic buildings house a restaurant that shouldn't be missed. 

Traveling almost every country back road and modern highway in South Carolina in search of historic restaurants, the authors discovered not only culinary feasts but feasts for the eyes and the imagination as well. Decor, atmosphere, history and cuisine appeared in endless and delightful combinations. 

This revised edition offers nineteen new restaurants. Whether you are looking for old-fashioned country cooking, beautifully presented nouvelle cuisine, elegant ambiance or rustic simplicity, this book will allow you to choose just the right place to suit your mood and the occasion. 

But don't just use this book as a traveling companion. Use it in the kitchen as well. More than 130 recipes -- over a third of them new -- are included here, and each one has been carefully tested and edited. Even a novice can follow the step-by-step directions and achieve consistently good results. So relax and enjoy the many mouth-watering dishes you can create right in your own kitchen. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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