Soul Food Cook Book

Soul Food Cook Book, a vintage 1969 southern recipe book from Bob Jeffries of head chef of the former Skitch Henderson saloon and restaurant Daly's Dandelion on 61st Street in New York. Dishes like Salmon Croquettes, Potato Rolls, Cinnamon Grits, and Southern Fried Cookies are some of the fantastic recipes on the menu inside Soul Food Cook Book. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 116 pages 

Copyright: 1969, Book Club Edition 

Publisher: The Bobbs-Merrill Company 

Author: Bob Jeffries 

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Description: "All soul food is southern, but not all southern food is soul," says Bob Jeffries in this time-tested collection of the best of soul cooking. Soul food, he explains, is any dish traditionally prepared by southern Negroes with small budgets and big imaginations. The ingredients are simple since the original soul food cooks had to rely exclusively on what they had on hand, but the results are superb. 

Soul food is unique, and more indigenous to this country than any other so-called American cooking style, since it evolved almost entirely without European influence. Until recently, the secrets of soul were handed down by word of mouth, but now Bob Jeffries has put together the recipes for all of his favorite soul dishes. Instructions on how to prepare hush puppies, grits, chit'lins and fried pies are all here, and each recipe, although not as inexpensive as it once was, is still moderate in cost and easy to prepare. 

Bob Jeffries has been cooking soul for over forty years. He started to develop his culinary talents at the age of 10 on his father's farm outside of Birmingham, Alabama. Before long he joined the John White Medicine Show and gradually made his way to New York. 

Since cooking paid better than show business during the depression he went to work as a butler-cook for one of the city's few remaining millionaires and later set up his own catering business. Word of his excellent soul specialties spread fast and he began catering for celebrities like Ella Fitzgerald, Joan Crawford and Van Johnson. Then when Skitch Henderson transformed the fashionable Daly's Saloon into Daly's Dandelion, Bob took over as head chef and has reigned there until very recently. His plans for setting up his own soul food restaurant in New York are now well under way. 


Condition: Dust jacket has small tears along corners and edges. One recipe has an "x" through a count of an ingredient. Further good condition. 

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