Sook's Cookbook Memories, Traditional Recipes Alabama

Nearly 200 recipes from the Alabama and the Deep South are captured inside Sook's Cookbook authored by Marie Rudisill. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 198 pages. 

Copyright: 1989, First Printing 

Publisher: Longstreet Press 

Author: Marie Rudisill 

ISBN: 9780929264561

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Description: The Faulk family of Monroeville, Alabama, is one of the South's most famous. The premier cook of the family, Sook Faulk, and her special fruitcakes are lovingly portrayed in Truman Capote's "A Christmas Memory." But the Faulks' receipt files are filled with hundreds of receipts, all wonderful and evocative of a more gracious time. 

Now Marie Rudisill, Sook's niece and Truman Capote's aunt, has collected them as a tribute to her family and the way of life its foods and memories represent. The receipts are enriched by anecdotes and tales of family and Alabama history and enhanced by renowned artist Barry Moser's stunning watercolors. 

Almost two hundred receipts, for treats such as Louisiana Bayou Chili, Old-Fashioned Kiss Pudding, Selma Bourbon Sweet Pototoes, Escambia Creek Venison Roast, and Chicken Jefferson, use traditional ingredients and straightforward preparation to make Sook's Cookbook the perfect tool for cooks who want to serve the best of standard southern fare. 

Reading this cookbook is like going to your grandmother's house for Sunday dinner. With loving detail, Marie Rudisill and Barry Moser breathe new life into a world long departed. The receipts will trigger memories in the tastebuds of anyone who grew up eating big meals in the midst of a large, loving family; the stories and pictures will carry readers across time and space to the homes of their own childhood stories and traditions. Each page is an invitation to come home to the foods and the memories we love best. 


Condition: Good condition. Owner has embossed seal on blank page.

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