Home Book of Smoke-Cooking Meat, Fish & Game

Home Book of Smoke-Cooking Meat, Fish & Game teaches you all there is to know about smoke cookery, and provides the recipes to go with the instruction. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 160 pages. 

Copyright: 1977 

Publisher: Stackpole Books 

Author: Jack Sleight, Raymond Hull 

ISBN: 9780811708036

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Description: For the inveterate barbecuer -- the gourmet and the natural foods enthusiast -- a smoke oven is the practical next step in preparing and preserving delicious foods right at home...concocted without questionable additives, and with selective attention to individual taste preferences. 

A review of the joys and the history of smoke cookery and curing...an explanation of the composition of smoke and its effects on protein foods...and tips on record keeping to ensure repeated success, pave the way here to an understanding of this nearly forgotten skill. 

For the beginner, this book details the basic elements required for success, and then provides specific instructions for creating a home-made smoke oven -- so called because unlike the commonly heard term "smoke house," it denotes equipment that provides low heat along with smoke for food that may be thoroughly cooked, yet lightly smoked, and ready for eating in less time. 

With the smoke oven ready to go, the Home Book of Smoke-Cooking Meat, Fish & Game deals with the succulent foods it is now ready to turn out. Here is all the information -- with recipes -- on brines for fish and meat... methods for dry curing...cold smoking...flavorings...temperatures...ways with plain smoked meats...cured smoked meats...old-style ham and bacon...shellfish...smoked poultry and game birds...small and large game...jerky...variety meats (heart, tongue, liver). 

New variety in hors-d'oeuvres and snacks comes with recipes for smoked cheese, nuts, seeds, eggs, frog's legs -- and blueberries! (Smoked blueberries are a favorite of the Pacific Coast Indians.) Devotees of the table will delight in the recipes for homemade sausage, and the full discussion of seasonings, casings, stuffing, and smoking. Information on canning smoked foods keeps the larder stocked with good eating at all times. 


Condition: Dust jacket has minor wear at corners at edges. Opening blank page has a name inscribed in ink. Further good condition. 

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