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The Smoke Cooking vintage cookbook from 1967 is focused solely on recipes involving smoke cooking. The cookbook also contains techniques and tips from the authors. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 254 pages 

Copyright: 1967. Book Club Edition 

Publisher: Hawthorn Books, Inc. 

Author: Matt Kramer and Roger Sheppard 

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Description: Smoke Cooking is the latest advance in outdoor cooking -- a simple method of roasting meats over a charcoal-and-wood fire in a smoke oven. It imparts a smoky, mouth-watering taste that is as unique as it is popular. You will find smoke cooking easy and quick, and free from the problems of wind and charring that plague charcoal broiling. 

This is the first cookbook devoted entirely to smoke cooking. Backyard gourmets will be surprised at the vast number and variety of dishes they can prepare in a smoke oven. The inventive recipes in this book cover hors d'oeuvre, ground meats, beef, pork, lamb, fish, fowl, skewer cooking, sausages and variety meats. The authors provide a fresh look at marinades, sauces, gravies and seasoning, and include a special section on curing. 

But. the first ingredient is a smoke cooker. Matt Kramer and Roger Sheppard tell you what to look for in buying a smoker and acquaint you with all the available types. Instructions for making your own smoke cooker are also included. With the authors' tips on smoke cooking technique, and their helpful diagrams, you will soon learn to transform even the plainest foods into aromatic delicacies. 

Ground meats, for instance, take on new dignity and deliciousness when cooked in the smoke oven. Here the cook will find more than 60 tempting recipes for ground meat alone -- ground beef, veal, lamb or pork combined with varied garnishings in patties, meat balls, meat loaves. 

The authors of this practical key to the smoke method spent years vying with one another to perfect their methods and devise new recipes. And the results of their trail-blazing are now yours -- whether you smoke whole turkeys in a backyard oven, or turn out perfect hamburgers in a movable smoker on your patio, prepare hors d'oeuvre in the fireplace or windowsill smoke-cooker in an urban apartment, or smoke fresh-caught trout in a handmade cardboard oven beside a stream. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in very nice condition. Dust jacket has small tears in the top and bottom edge and also a tear in the fold of frontcover/interior flap. 

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