Smith House Restaurant Dahlonega Georgia Boarding House Reach Cookbook

Smith House Restaurant in Dahlonega, Georgia published this Boarding House Reach Cookbook. It presents amazing Southern recipes from the historic boarding house and restaurant. Smith House rolls, Chestnut Souffle, Fried Catfish, Pumpkin Fritters, biscuits, and more cherished recipes, are all found inside. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 186 pages 

Copyright: 1991. Fourth priting 

Publisher: Dot Gibson Publications 

Author: Dot Gibson  

ISBN: 9780941162005

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Description: If you cannot get to Dahlonega, Georgia to experience a meal at the famous Smith House, the next best thing is to use the famous Smith House Cookbook, the Board House Reach, and prepare those southern specialties at home. Or possibly you have eaten at the Smith House and have for years wondered what "little something extra" made a dish so special. 

Now those recipes are available for you, the faithful Smith House diners and you, the would be diners. Any day of the week you can sit down to the table and use your Boarding House Reach. 

Welcome to the Smith House. Many of these recipes are original. Some have been used for so many years on our Smith House table we do not remember where they originated. Some have been tested and tried by us and still others are favorites of our staff. You will find some old and some new and modern. They have been converted to family size and we all hope you enjoy them.  


Condition: Fair condition. First page half torn off spiral ring comb. Creases in first few pages and cover. 

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