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Siamese Cookery Cookbook is a vintage cookbook with Thai recipes. The cookbook's recipes were compiled by the author when she lived in Bangkok. It has some wonderful line drawings by the author that represent some of the Siamese sights and customs.


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 109 pages. 

Copyright: 1974, Fifth Printing 

Publisher: Charles E. Tuttle Company 

Author: Marie M. Wilson 

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Description: The exotic and flavorful cuisine of Siam is explained in a delightful cookbook for adventurous Western chefs. There is little that is plain or bland about the cooking of Thailand (Siam), which is instead rich and highly seasoned, happily blending Indian and Chinese culinary themes. Though they are colorful and exotic, Thai dishes are not difficult to prepare. In fact, the Thai prepare most of them in the traditional bowl-shaped frying pan over open charcoal stoves, and certainly without the help of our modern kitchen devices. 

The recipes in this intriguing cookbook were gathered by Mrs. Wilson during the many months she spent in Bangkok. She has adapted each recipe to modern kitchens, substituting where necessary for items which are not available in the ordinary supermarket. The dishes have also been adapted to the Western palate, with the seasoning a bit on the mild side -- by Thai standards! 

The essential ingredient in a Thai meal is rice, but their rice (for which the recipe is given, of course) is cooked without salt or fat so that it will contrast with the high seasoning of most of the dishes accompanying it. Following the chapter on rice is one of the highlights of the book, a chapter on the preparation of the various spicy curries which are so popular in that land. 

Soups, salads, fish and meat dishes, and desserts follow in taste-tempting succession. Here are just some of the dishes which can be prepared: Siamese Fried Rice, Meat Curry, Moslem Curry, Chicken and Mushroom Soup, Laotian Mushroom and Laotian Cabbage Soup, Galloping Horses Salad, Shrimp and Water- cress Salad, Sweet Pork, Siamese Hamburgers, Sweet and Sour Pork, Siamese Chicken in Coconut Cream, Sweet and Sour Fried Fish with Ginger Sauce, Golden Cookies, Banana Puffs, and Siamese Pancakes. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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