Sherlock Holmes Cookbook

The Sherlock Holmes Cookbook is a wonderful collectible that brings you recipes with food from 1890s London with a Sherlock Holmes theme woven into it. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 228 pages. 

Copyright: 1976 

Publisher: Bramhall House 

Author: Sean Wright and John Farrell 

ISBN: 9780517187852

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Description: For those who love Sherlock Holmes and the London of the 1890's, everything connected with that era has a special fascination. Sherlockians often attempt to recapture the charm of Sherlock Holmes' London in dress and in the furnishings of their homes. Victoria still reigns in the world, even if the television is blaring in the next room and the traffic is roaring in the street outside. 

For those of us who try to live our dream lives at 221-B Baker Street, nothing is too small or unimportant, But until now, one major area of the London just before the turn of the century has remained in the background, a part of that London that was as important and common as gaslight and the fog. Food! 

We can only glimpse the gaslight, only smell the foul, oppressive fog in our imaginations. But we can taste the food much as it was. We can sit down to meals that would have satisfied Watson after a long day following Holmes and Toby on the scent of a murderer. We can cook a meal that would have done Mrs. Hudson's reputation for breakfast proud. 

This cookbook is mostly intended for pleasure. It will help you escape, in your kitchen and in your dining room to that place where it is always 1895. 


Condition: Good condition. Interior flap is clipped. Inside page has an inscription that may be from the author.

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