The Sephardic Cooks Cookbook - Congregation Or VeShalom Temple

The Sephardic Cooks temple cookbook was compiled by the Sisterhood of Congregation Or VeShalom, in Atlanta, Georgia. If you collect temple cookbooks, you'll enjoy this collection of recipes from Burekas (turnovers) to Moustachudos (nut candy). 


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 168 pages 

Copyright: 1981. Revised edition 

Publisher: Congregation Or VeShalom Sisterhood, Atlanta 

Author: Members of the Congregation Or VeShalom Sisterhood, Atlanta 

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Description: Many cook books have been written, each one trying to fulfill a particular purpose. Some are written for the benefit of the young housewife, who does not know the basic element of the art of cooking; others are for those who want to try their hands at something more elaborate. This one, compiled by the Or VeShalom Sisterhood, is neither for the beginners, unless they are daring, nor for those with some knowledge of cooking and rather conservative in their cooking habits. This book is rather for the adventurous, those who dream of faraway and exotic countries, countries they perhaps hope to visit one day. As they move from one recipe to another, they will have a delicious taste, some sort of preview, of what they may experience one day. 

With names such as Baklava, Boyos, Burekas, Couscous, Reshas, and Tomates a la Turka, they will be traveling either to Spain or Greece, Turkey or North Africa, in fact most of the countries in the Mediterranean basin. The book is more than just a journey through faraway lands. It conveys at the same time, in its own way, the colored and more pleasant aspects of the history of a small ethnic group, the Spanish Jews, who, while totally immersed in their present culture, still remain faithful to a centuries old culture-, heritage and tradition. 

Cooking is an art and a tradition with the Spanish Jews. Whenever these delicacies were prepared, care, love and pride were always part of the basic ingredients and are still required in their preparation. The first edition of this book proved so successful that Or VeShalom Sisterhood is now proud to present this new edition. We feel certain that this book will provide our children with the opportunity to continue this pleasant tradition and enable many others to enjoy these delightful and most savory dishes. 


Condition: Cover, interior pages and spiral are in good condition. 

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