Secrets of Chinese Cooking Cookbook

Secrets of Chinese Cooking cookbook demystifies the secrets of Chinese cooking, adapting dishes for the American kitchen. The Lobster Cantonese Style recipe is touted as the best of its kind ever invented. And there are many more inside including Fried Pork with Walnuts, Bird's Nest Soup, Beef with Asparagus Tips. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 238 pages 

Copyright: 1970 

Publisher: Bonanza Books 

Author: Tsuifeng Lin and Hsiangju Lin 

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Description: With these tempting recipes, you can now achieve all the rich, subtle flavors of genuine domestic Oriental cooking right in your own kitchen! Here you will learn the secrets of preparing simple, ordinary ingredients by using the incomparable Chinese techniques. 

Perfected by Lin Yutang's family throughout many years of preparing actual Chinese dishes away from their native land, the recipes retain every bit of their original succulent delicacy. Yet all the materials you need can be easily procured in any American supermarket. 

The procedure is not at all complicated -- the mysteries are simplified. Merely by taking one or two extra steps you can adapt Chinese methods to the food you cook every day -- soups, sea food, meat, fowl, eggs, vegetables -- and there's no need to go to the trouble of learning a new cooking process. This is the only book that tells you how to prepare food in the Chinese manner with a minimum of time and labor. 

Here you'll see how very simple ingredients can yield the finest soups. Watercress cooked in chicken broth makes a light and refreshing concoction ... a few turnips give beef broth a rich fragrance ... some diced shrimp or a stalk of finely chopped scallion can lend a soul-satisfying variety to the most humdrum soups -- and Mrs. Lin shows you exactly the right proportions. 

You'll discover how to use sherry to bring out the delicate and unique flavor of Scallops ... how to combine exactly the right proportions of eggs, oysters and scallions in Oyster Pancakes, a fragrant dish native to Mrs. Lin's home town ... and there's also one of the best recipes ever invented for Lobster Cantonese Style--the sauce is tasty but not rich, creamy but not heavy -- and the lobster meat becomes juicy and succulent. 

For hors d'oeuvres or a cold buffet there are such delightfully flavorful morselsas Stuffed Mushrooms with Pork and Shrimp . . . light, puffy and golden brown Shrimp Balls .. . or Shrimp with Cucumber, where the delicate tones are matched by delicate flavors. 

You'll also find Mrs. Lin's secrets for preparing Sliced Lamb with Leeks, which is so good eaten piping hot on a softhim . . . Fresh Ham, rich and tasty with a molasses-like flavor, stewed with Chestnuts that melt in the mouth ... Diced Pork and Peanuts in Pungent Sauce, a savory dish which is simple to make and new to American tables . . . Braised Chicken, a gourmet's blend of garlic, sherry, and chicken . . . the superb combination of Duck with Chinese Cabbage . . . and tasty recipes for Marinated Vegetables that will stimulate the appetite and offer a refreshing contrast to more elaborate foods. 

You'll find that this is really two books in one. A great many of the recipes found here employ everyday ingredients that can be found in any American supermarket to prepare American dishes in the Chinese manner. You'll also learn how to prepare traditional and unusual Chinese cuisine by using authentic Chinese ingredients . . . an interesting challenge to the cook who wants an extra-special dish. 

Of special interest are Mrs. Lin's descriptions of the nature of Chinese cooking, how to serve a Chinese meal, what dishes go best together, and her techniques for preparing foods to retain their taste, color and individual qualities . . . techniques that will provide the fullest satisfaction for the gourmet palate. 

And a Special Essay on the Joy of Fine Cooking "The Art of Cooking and Dining in Chinese" by Lin Yutang. 


Condition: Great condition interior pages. Dust jacket has small tears and creases on edges and corners. 

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