The Secret to Tender Pie

The Secret to Tender Pie shares recipes from America's grandmothers. Dishes like Okra Gumbo, Mrs. Blairs Irish Soda Bread, Cheese Blintzes, and Lou Lees Corn Bread are a sampling of the recipes found inside this nostalgic cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 158 pages. 

Copyright: 1997 

Publisher: Ballantine Books 

Author: Mindy Marin 

ISBN: 9780345409850

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Description: One of the homey delights of childhood has always been those special recipes, humble or elegant, that our grandmothers prepared (sometimes especially) for us. For years, Mindy Marin longed for the almost-forgotten comfort food that is the particular province of grandmothers everywhere, and luckily for all of us, that longing led to The Secret to Tender Pie, a collection of favorite recipes from grandmas all over America. 

Some of these delicious, old-fashioned recipes are pulled from the backs of kitchen drawers and corner cupboards, some strictly from memory, never before written down. Some were scrawled in faded ink on yellowed bits of paper, some scrupulously copied from the margins of old cookbooks. All of them were sent -- and prepared -- with love.

Mindy's own Grandma Bessie Cecil finally reveals the secret to her unforgettable apple pie made from Gravensteins or Granny Smiths. Grandma Wesson shares her Crab and Shrimp Casserole. Also here are Aunt Stella's Seven-Day Prune Cake (as each day goes by, it gets better, if it lasts that long), Papoo's Pancakes, Grandma Delia's Challa, Grandma Tropiano's Ripieno Pizza, and dozens and dozens of other cherished culinary memories that evoke the very essence of Thanksgiving and Christmas, family reunions, Sunday morning breakfast, and the special favorites of days past, present, and now, future. 

This warm and lovely collection is a treasure trove of great and adored family recipes from appetizers and soups to cakes and pies. It's a storehouse of pleasures from a time when fast food hadn't been invented and love was a major ingredient in whatever delicious treat Grandma was cooking up. There are wonderful photographs of real grandmothers, pages of secret-sharing anecdotes, and plenty of space in the back of the book to write in your own granny's contributions to the family heritage of good eating. Mindy Marin owns and operates Bluewater Ranch, a creative enclave in Los Angeles for the development of movies, books, and other ideas. She has been a casting director for feature films and has a long-standing passion for books.


Condition: Good condition. 

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