Sears Kenmore American Woman's Cook Book Set 1947 and 1952

Sears Kenmore American WomAn's Cook Book Set from 1947 and 1952 are special bindings of The United States Regional Cook Book and the American Women's Cook Book. This is a very good condition set of vintage cookbooks -- both are in beautiful condition. 


Format: Hardcover, 752 pages and 856 pages. 

Copyright: 1947 and 1952 

Publisher: Culinary Arts Institute, Chicago 

Author: Ruth Berolzheimer, Editor

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Description: This set of two cookbooks from Sears and the Culinary Arts Institute offers recipes for American cuisine. These are special bindings of two very popular vintage cookbooks from the same time. There are chapters on all sorts of regional United States recipes. 


Condition: Both volumes are in very good condition. 

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