Seafood Celebration

A Seafood Celebration cookbook offers 275 healthful, festive, easy-to-prepare fish and seafood recipes for the casual cook or the connoisseur. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 445 pages. 

Copyright: 1993 

Publisher: Castle Books 

Author: Sheryl and Mel London 

ISBN: 9780785809272

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Description: Seafood consumption in North America is now at an all-time high, not only because of the different tastes and variety of fish and shellfish available, but also because people are becoming increasingly aware of the tremendous nutritional benefits of eating seafood. Now, in A Seafood Celebration, award-winning cookbook authors Sheryl and Mel London give readers the most comprehensive, innovative, and up-to-date discussion of preparing fish and shellfish today. For the beginner and the accomplished cook, the fisherperson and the conscientious consumer, preparing terrific seafood dishes has never been easier. 

A Seafood Celebration contains everything you've ever wanted to know about fish, shellfish, and other seafood: 

  • A clear-cut guide to choosing fresh fish and shellfish -- what to look for and how much to buy 
  • More than 275 delicious recipes, including grilled fish, sauces, stuffed baked whole fish, seviches, a large selection of mixed seafood dishes, and much more 
  • Recipes that reflect the new awareness of nutrition by relying on flavorful marinades and the use of fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, and nuts 
  • Easy-to-follow directions for keeping and preparing fresh whole fish (caught or bought) for the freezer or table 
  • Step-by-step instructions and illustrations for cleaning, scaling, cutting, and dressing fish -- including how to cut steaks and fillets 
  • An encyclopedic description of more than 125 different kinds of saltwater and freshwater finfish, shellfish, and other seafood 
  • An entire chapter on basic cooking methods, from poaching and steaming to grilling and baking 

Illustrated with more than 100 drawings by Kathleen Skelly, A Seafood Celebration is a beautiful cookbook and an indispensable resource for all seafood lovers! 


Condition: CGood condition. 

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