Maui Chef Seafood Cookbook

If you enjoy the regional flavors of the Hawaiian Islands, you'll love this Maui Chef Seafood Cookbook. It is stocked full of delicious seafood recipes from Executive Chef Michael Gallagher of the Sea House Restaurant on Maui's Napali Bay and owner of


Format: Hardcover, 80 pages. 

Copyright: 2006. First Edition, First Printing 

Publisher: Island Heritage Publishing 

Author: Executive Chef Michael Gallagher 

ISBN: 9781597003193

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Description: From sunrise to sunset and into the night, the brave fishermen of Maui go out into the vast ocean to bring in prized 'ahi' (yellow fin tuna), beautiful mahimahi (dorado or dolphinfish), the torpedo-like fighting Ono (wahoo), deepwater haps ups u (sea bass), and the prize of the Pacific: the light, flaky, and moist family of snappers. At the Sea House Restaurant on Maui's Napili Bay, executive chef Michael Gallagher pays a tribute to their courageous efforts. 

The Maui Chef Seafood Cookbook brings you this award-winning chef's original recipes and those adopted from the island's locals, all easily re-created at home for your friends and family. Using the highest quality seafood and produce the islands have to offer -- from the tropical rain forests and valleys of Hana to the nutrient-rich volcanic soil of Haleakala -- Chef Michael shares the secrets of his acclaimed cuisine and the inspiration of the pristine Pacific. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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