The Scandinavian Cookbook

The Scandinavian Cookbook from the Culinary Arts Institute is a pamphlet style cookbook with 150 recipes for Northern European cuisine. If you collect vintage recipe pamphlets, you'll enjoy this 1955 Scandinavian Cookbook with dishes like Norwegian Meatballs and Gravy, Swedish Potato Dumplings, Danish Rum Pudding, and more. 


Format: Softcover, 68 pages 

Copyright: 1955 

Publisher: Culinary Arts Institute 

Author: Culinary Arts Institute 

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Description: The sea-girt countries at the top of Europe—Norway, Sweden and Denmark—have developed a cuisine which, though rooted in Continental tradition, has flowered in a way uniquely its own. A robust style of cookery that makes lavish use of energizing foods, Scandinavian cuisine is also colorful, imaginative, and strikingly beautiful in appearance. To Americans the most familiar aspect of Scandinavian dining traditions is the smorgasbord, far-famed buffet of appetizers, hospitable invitation to hearty sociability. If this has been your introduction to Scandinavian cooking you are already familiar with a fascinating array of hot and cold dishes, meats, cheeses and vegetables, a/id piquantly seasoned fish, especially herring. 

But there is much more to Scandinavian tradition than this first course. There are sauces (richest in the world); dark and delicious breads; cookies, puddings and cakes; open-face sandwiches that are meals in themselves and a joy to behold. Above all, there is the Scandinavian sorcery with fish—bountiful harvest of the cold northern seas which the Scandinavians garner so industriously and cook and garnish so handsomely. 

It may seem from the pages that follow that the northern countries' menu is a heroic one, and so it is. With fare like this the hardy ancestors of modern Scandinavia conquered uncharted seas in their open Viking ships and adventured boldly toward a new world. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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