Sauces Cookbook by James Peterson

Sauces cookbook by James Peterson is like the Bible of sauce. This unique cookbook is considered top in culinary circles. If you are interested in both classical and contemporary sauce making then this past James Beard Foundation Cookbook of the Year winning cookbook is for you. This cookbook is over 500 pages in total a a must-have for all chefs. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 504 pages 

Copyright: 1991

Publisher: Van Norstrand Reinhold 

Author: James Peterson 

ISBN: 9780442237738

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Description: Over the last two decades, many of the techniques of sauce making have changed radically. Both professional chefs and serious amateur cooks are not only eager to invent new taste combinations and improve upon traditional methods, but they have set out to make sauces healthier and less rich as well. Until now, however, they have had to rely on trial and error to produce innovative new sauces, as no single source systematically described the ingredients, methods, and principles used in making both classic sauces and modern variations. This comprehensive volume does just that, providing complete analyses of how both classic and contemporary sauces are constructed and flavored." 

More than just a compendium of recipes, Sauces explains how and why the ingredients for a sauce are combined. Structured around the framework of classical French cooking, this exhaustive volume provides detailed explanations of, and instructions for, preparing both traditional and contemporary versions of almost every sauce imaginable: classic white and brown sauces, both starch-thickened and flourless; the very popular integral meat and fish sauces, made with drippings and juices; sauces based on egg yolks, including béarnaise, hollandaise, mayonnaise and their variations; sauces made with butter, including the beurre blanc-based sauces that revolutionized modern cooking; vegetable purees, which can function as sauces themselves or act as liaisons for other sauces; dessert sauces, including the multipurpose crème anglaise and its many flavored variations; and many more. An informative discussion of liaisons explains how sauces are thickened, with special attention paid to the use of cream, butter, and egg yolks in flourless sauces, as well as such imaginative thickeners as yogurt, foie gras, and shellfish coral. 

The recipes themselves -- over 300 altogether -- comprise not only classic and modern sauces but delicious first-course and entrée preparations that incorporate the sauce-making techniques described. Included are instructions for preparing such mouthwatering dishes as Roast Chicken with Garlic and Foie Gras, Sautéed Pigeon Breasts with Giblet Sauce, Veal Blanquette with Fresh Cheese, Steak with Green-Peppercorn Sauce, Grilled Game Birds in Smoke-scented Broth, Sea Scallops à la Nage, Fillets of Sole with Tomatillo and Pepper Sauce, Sautéed Salmon Fillet with Sorrel Cream Sauce, Lobster with Sauternes Jelly, Salmon and Truffle Hure. Shrimp with Coconut and Peanut Sauce, and dozens more.. 

You'll also find practical discussions of the equipment and ingredients most commonly used by sauciers. Advice on how and when to use the different kinds of cookware, kitchen tools, machinery, and serving utensils helps make every cook's job easier. Selecting the highest-quality ingredients is key to preparing an excellent sauce, and you'll learn how to choose and use dairy products, herbs and spices, wines and spirits, mushrooms and truffles, chocolate, pork products, and other ingredients to their best advantage. A comprehensive glossary of sauce-making terms and flow charts that illustrate the major classical sauce families and methods of preparation round out this cornerstone reference to one of the most exciting and challenging areas of cooking.


Condition: Good condition. 

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