Aloha Welcome to Sam Choy's Kitchen Cookbook

Step-by-step recipes from Aloha Welcome to Sam Choy's Kitchen. Choy, a popular TV show chef has compiled recipes from his show in this cookbook. He is the owner of Sam Choy's Breakfast, Lunch and Crab in Iwilei, Hawaii and has another restaurant in Tumon Bay, Guam. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 234 pages. First printing 

Copyright: 1999 

Publisher: Mutual Publishing 

Author: Lynn Cook 

ISBN: 9781566472821

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Description: Chef Sam Choy takes you step-by-step to finished culinary delights that you will be proud to serve your family and friends, with a treasury of recipes from his popular television show, Sam Choy's Kitchen. The focus is on recipes that are uncomplicated and unusually quick to prepare. Some are light, fast, wok stir-fried vegetables and fish; a few are special occasion luscious creations that call for butter and more butter. Sam Choy's Kitchen explains how to discover your own "inner circle of flavors" and how to use it to develop a "vocabulary" of recipes that are all your own.

Every one of Sam Choy's television shows is unique. No matter how well planned, the producer and crew have learned to look for the moment of "Sam," when one surprise ingredient is added, or a pan of oil flames to sear the fish, when something unexpected happens. This book has plenty of "Sam." Plenty of opportunity to learn what makes Sam Choy's food so melt-in-the-mouth. Learn the secrets of Sam's own dressings, special marinades, unique serving tips, and combinations of flavors and textures. Want to know how to glaze a pan, caramelize sweet Maui onions or cook a perfect shrimp? It's all here. With a short eight-and-a-half minutes of actual cooking time in a 30-minute cooking show, you can be sure that these TV recipes really are quick and easy. 

There is also a complete glossary and substitution list, along with wine recommendations and suggestions for meal combinations and serving suggestions. His suggestions include teaching the kids to chop, perfecting a recipe and how to make "summer soup" and "Chicken deLoosa." Take a leap of faith and follow Sam as he coaches you through your first prime rib roast, or tells you how to stuff a Kahuku Prawn with Ahi Poke. 

Enjoy the stories. Mark your favorite recipes. And, as Sam Choy says, "Let's get cooking because cooking doesn't get any easier than this!" 


Condition: Bookboards, interior pages and dust jacket are in very nice condition. 

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