Saint Louis Italians: The Hill and Beyond

Saint Louis Italians: The Hill and Beyond cookbook is fascinating to view and loaded with cultural and historic information, recipes, and photographs. We absolutely love and recommend this cookbook to locals or cookbook collectors. Recipes are for Italian dishes from the community and local restaurants. This cookbook is one of our favorites. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 216 pages. 

Copyright: 2008 

Publisher: G. Bradley Publishing, Inc. 

Author: Eleanore Marfisi 

ISBN: 9780977451265

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Description: One of the top-selling books in 2003 was The Hill: Its History, Its Recipes which focused on a small but significant segment of St. Louis' Italian-American community. In Saint Louis Italians: The Hill and Beyond, we open wide the lens to expand our view of this passionate, progressive, and vital community and its contributions to the Gateway City. 

The book's history section begins with the now-gone, yet once-vibrant Little Italy in downtown St. Louis as well as descriptions of the early clay mines and the great open-air markets the Italians helped develop at Produce Row, which serves as the Midwest's fruit basket. 

The Old Memories and Old Friends section is full of entertaining stories of diverse individuals, including Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola, who help to paint a rich mosaic of the immigrant lifestyle and growing up Italian in St. Louis. Next, pizza lovers will be thrilled to learn about the Big Five who pioneered St. Louis-style pizza. 

After an extensive history of the city's famous Italian restaurants from years past, the spotlight shines on 29 of St. Louis' finest Italian chefs who opened their treasure trove of old photographs and, more important, their special family recipes of 60 signature dishes. From white linen to checkered tablecloths, these are the legendary establishments St. Louisans have enjoyed for decades. Also included are two special sections by Charlie Gitto, Jr. and Dominic Galati. Restaurants featured include: 

  • Bartolino's 
  • Cafe Napoli 
  • Charlie Gitto's Downtown 
  • Del Pietros 
  • Gian-Tony's 
  • John Mineo's 
  • Kemolls 
  • Lombardos 
  • Lorenzo's 
  • LoRusso's Cucina 
  • The Pasta House Co. 
  • Paul Manno's 
  • Pietro's 
  • Portabella 
  • Rich & Charlie's 
  • Rigazzi's 
  • Tony's 
  • Trattoria Marcella 
  • Yacovelli's 
  • Zia's 

Saint Louis Italians: The Hill and Beyond is a publication for your library and your kitchen. With its companion. The Hill: Its History, Its Recipes, you will soon form a delicious perspective on all things Italian in St. Louis. So, now it's time to stop reading and start cooking. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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