Saint Louis Symphony of Cooking

The Saint Louis Cookbook, Bicentennial Edition presents a collection of favorite recipes selected from friends of the St. Louis Symphony – music lovers, orchestra musicians, celebrities and more. This cookbook is packed full of great recipes from Mushroom Souffle with Shrimp Sauce Short Ribs with Parsley Dumplings to Blender Cheese Pie or Mocha-Nut Parfait Pie. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 307 pages. 

Copyright: 1964

Publisher: Women's Association of the Saint Louis Symphony Society 

Author: Women's Association of the St. Louis Symphony Society Members 

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Additional Details

Description: Symphony of Cooking brings together a selection of recipes from music lovers, orchestra members, guest artists and celebrities from all over the world who came to help St. Louis celebrate her 200th birthday. Each recipe contains the name of its respective contributor. 


Condition: Edges have some wear. Further, good condition. 

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