The Rumford Complete Cook Book 1927

The Rumford Complete Cook Book is a 1927 printing of the classic cookbook from the Rumford Chemical Works Department of Home Economics. It is a popular vintage cookbook collectible. 


Format: Hardcover, 236 pages. 

Copyright: 1927

Publisher: Rumford Company

Author: Lily Haxworth Wallace. 

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Description: The recipes in this book have been carefully tested, and if measurements and general instructions are followed, the result in every case will be satisfactory. The author has endeavored to give clear and concise instructions for the best dishes of their kind; rather than take up space for repetition of the same general recipes varied only in flavoring, form of baking and other minor detail. 

It is not claimed that these recipes are all new. Some are original; some the gift of friends who have experimented till good results were obtained; some are old family recipes, never before printed; while others are standard rules that have stood the test of years and are still at the head of their respective lists. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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